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lost&gone is a secret.

We create immersive experiences in Canada and the UK. Whether reclaiming empty buildings slated for demolition or taking over a bustling hotel lobby, we create a designed narrative that sweeps you away and then disappears. We turn spaces into worlds from our imaginations. Inspired by old stories, cult TV programs, and classic film universes, twisted up in our contemporary lens, our locales bring to life the places you've only dreamt about.

But you have to find us first.

Every show starts with a scavenger hunt. Once you locate the venue, you'll step into another world. Unlike traditional theatre, lost&gone asks you to participate in our fiction - as little or as much as you like. It's up to you. A world of endless imagination, and it's all yours before it's lost and gone forever. 



The venue remains a secret until the day of the show. But don't fret, once you purchase your ticket, your first interaction with the world begins with an important confirmation email. Here you'll find the first set of instructions you need to know. Be sure to keep an eye on your phone for text messages with hints and clues from characters leading up to the date of the show. 

On the day, you will be notified of the first meeting point. Note, this is not the venue so be prepared to wander. It's up to you to follow the set of clues provided and arrive for a specific time. So long as you remember the secret password, you'll be golden.

Of course in case you get (completely) lost, our team of experts will make sure you find your way.


Contact Us

Contact us about anything. Do you have a cool venue, a boring work party, an unbelievable idea? Email us.

Please especially contact us if you have questions about large groups, accessibility, tickets, etc. 


If you've ventured down the rabbit hole, and found yourself whooshed and plunked into one of our creations, feel free to share snippets of the show. Just promise, no spoilers

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